How to install WordPress using Softaculous App Installer

Using Softaculous automatic app installer you can install WordPress in a few clicks. Follow the steps below to install wordpress on your hosting account;

1.Login to your cPanel. Here is how to login to your cPanel. (Don’t have one yet? Order Professional Hosting Services Here )


2.Move down to the Software and Services section. Click on Softaculous.


3. Select Blogs and click on WordPress.


5. Click on Install or Install Now from Overview page.


6.Software Setup Section:-

-Choose Protocol: If your site has SSL then please choose the HTTPS protocol. Leave as default (http:// or http://www) if you have not purchased SSL certificate for your domain.
-Choose Domain: Please choose the domain to install the software. You will have different domain options if you have setup addon domains or subdomains in your hosting account.
-In Directory: The directory is relative to your domain and should not exist e.g. To install at ) just type news in the field (The website will then accessed by ). To install only in leave the field empty (The website will then be accessed by

Site Settings:
-Site Name: Enter name of website or blog.
-Site Description: Short description of website or blog
-Enable Mutisite: Leave field as default or unchecked for a normal WordPress website

7. Admin Account Section:-
-Admin Username: Enter a username. Do not leave as default (Change from admin to something else to help protect your WordPress website from hackers).
-Admin Password: Choose a very strong password to help secure your WordPress website. You may use the password generator (i.e the key beside the Hide) to generate strong secure passwords.
-Admin Email: Enter your email.

Choose Language Section:-
-Select Language: Choose the language you want for your WordPress website/blog.

Select Plugins Section:-
-Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer) : Tick checkbox to install the plugin. This plugin helps to secure your WordPress website or blog by limiting the login attempts of user. It prevents or stops user login after a certain number of tries. This helps to keep out people or hackers trying to guess your password or login details.


8. Advanced options:- You may skip or ignore the advanced options.

9. Select Theme: You may select a new theme from this section orย  ignore for your WordPress website/ blog to use the default WordPress theme.

Email installation details to: You can enter your email here to receive the installation details of your new WordPress website/blog in your email.

10.Click Install to install WordPress.


Done! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

You can access the login page(back end) by visiting

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