How to create/set up an email account from Client Area

This guide is for StormerHost clients with active linux shared shared hosting accounts…

Step by step guide with pictures/images:

  1. Please login to your Client area. create-email-from-your-client-area-cpanel-users
  2. Click on Servicescreate email from your client-area-cpanel users-2
  3. Click on Manage Product – Note: Should be a  Linux shared hosting account.create email from your client-area-cpanel users-3
  4. Scroll down to “QUICK CREATE EMAIL ACCOUNT” section. Enter the email prefix in the first field eg. enter sales if you want your email to be Then enter password for email account. Finally, click on CREATE to create email account.
  5. A success message will be displayed after email has been created successfully.create email from your client-area-cpanel users-5
  6. You may follow the guides below to check, read or send email messages:

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