How to point or use my domain with my Blogger account

You need to take several simple steps in order to link or connect your domain to your blogger. This article will guide you through the process.

Video Guide:

Step by step guide with pictures/images:

In this tutorial we will connect the domain to “”.

If you have not or never purchased a domain name before, here is a guide which will help you to order or register a new domain in less than 10 minutes:

How to Buy a domain name in Ghana – Pay with Mobile Money

You need to have these two things to follow this tutorial:

  1. Your BlogSpot blog up and running (eg.
  2. You have access to your domain name (eg.



Setting up CNAME for BlogSpot Custom-Domain Name in your domain control panel.

Here you will need to create 2 records for your domain:
– CNAME for www mapped to
– CNAME with values provided in the Blogger account 

  1. Login to your Client area, and select Domains.
    connect domain to blogger-4-select domains
  2. Click on “Manage Domain“. Screenshot 1
  3. Select Nameservers.
    connect domain to blogger-5-manage-nameservers
  4. Check domain nameservers. Please update domain nameservers to:,,,  if different (VERY IMPORTANT!).
  5. Login to your Blogger Account. Select Settings
    Screenshot 2
  6. Scroll down to Publishing. Select Custom DomainScreenshot 1 2
  7. Enter your domain name. Begin with www.domain nameScreenshot 3 2
  8. A pop-up appears. Create CName records first with thisScreenshot 4
  9. Now lets go to DNS Management. Select DNS Management.
  10. connect domain to blogger-7-dns-management-1We Scroll down and click on Mange CNAME Records.Screenshot 6
  11. We will now create CNAME Records. Click on Add A New CNAME RecordScreenshot 7
  12.  Add the first CNAME Records here. Click Add Record after thatScreenshot 14
  13. Scroll down again and click on Manage CNAME RecordsScreenshot 6
  14. Click Add CNAME Records again.Screenshot 7
  15. Add the second CNAME Records. Click Add Records after that and wait for about 30mins.Screenshot 15
  16. Go to Settings in your Blogger Account. Screenshot 2
  17. Scroll down to Publishing. Select Custom Domain Screenshot 1 2
  18. Enter your domain name. Begin with www.domain nameScreenshot 3 1
  19. If successful, it will be saved in your custom domainScreenshot 13
  20. Finally, enable Redirects Domain and HTTPS Availability Screenshot 11
  21. Enter your custom domain in your browser to access your blogger websiteScreenshot 12
  22. .Good Job! We are almost done. Now once you have setup CNAME , you need to wait for 5 minutes to 4 hours for this changes to reflect globally. It can take approximately 30 minutes for newly-created host records to take effect. You need to go back to your BlogSpot dashboard. If the CNAME record has been updated globally, this time instead of showing error “We have not been able to verify