How to add a new domain (Addon Domain) to your hosting account

What is an Addon Domain?
An addon domain is a fully functional domain that can be created from within your control panel. Addon domains allow you to control multiple domains from a single account. It links a new domain name to a directory in your account, and then stores its files in that directory.Think of it as having multiple websites all sharing the same control panel. You can create email addresses, forwarders and more — the same way you do for your primary domain on the account.

Follow the instructions below to add a new domain (addon domain) to your hosting account;

1. Check domain nameservers. The domain has to point to our hosting nameservers ( and . Only domains which are pointed to our nameservers can be added to your hosting account, otherwise, you will get an error message when adding an addon domain.

2. Login to your cPanel.

3. Navigate to the Domains section> Addon Domains:

4.Enter the necessary information in the Create an Addon Domain section.

New Domain Name: domain name you wish to add as an addon
Subdomain or FTP Username: will be filled automatically
Document Root: will be filled automatically
Password: password for the associated FTP account
Password (Again): repeat the password


5. Click Add domain. Done! 🙂

You may now upload content for your new domain into the corresponding document root. More information on how to upload your site can be found here.

Just in case you need to remove an addon domain, go to the Addon domains menu > Modify Addon Domain. Click on Remove to proceed:

Check the Remove the associated FTP account option if you wish to delete the FTP account for your addon domain from the FTP Accounts menu in your cPanel, then click Remove:


NOTE: The document root as well as the content associated with the removed addon domain will still be present in your File Manager, so if you wish these files to be deleted as well, you will need to remove the corresponding folder from File Manager manually.

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