How to park a domain in your cPanel or ‘How to set up parked domains’

To set up a parked domain in your cPanel control panel follow the following steps;

1.Make sure the domain name is pointing to our Nameservers ( and– These nameservers are provided by default when you get a domain from StormerHost). Here is how to change or update your Nameservers

2.Login to your cPanel.

3.Navigate to the Domains section. Click on Parked Domains:


4. Enter the domain name in the Create a New Parked Domain section and click Add Domain:



Done! 🙂

5. If you need to remove an existing parked domain, go to the Parked Domains menu > Remove Parked Domains section and click Remove:


NOTE: Parked domains can be pointed to your main site/public_html folder only. If you want to point your domain to a specific subfolder in your account, you need to use the Addon domains option.

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